P1060858I am a Lecturer in Social Policy at the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University. My primary research interests are the conceptualisation, measurement and analysis of poverty, social security, and the capability approach.

At present, I am working on a Nuffield Foundation funded project about in-work poverty in the UK. The aims of the project are to provide a robust analysis of the nature of in-work poverty, the events which explain why people enter and exit in-work poverty, and the contribution which policy can and does make to alleviating poverty amongst working households. The project will comprise quantitative analysis of the Family Resources Survey/Households Below Average Income and Understanding Society surveys. Further information about the project can be found here.

I have recently completed a British Academy-funded project examining the role of the EC-IMF-ECB ‘Troika’ in decisions to retrench and reform social security in Ireland during the period of its bailout between 2010 and 2013. The project consisted of in-depth interviews with senior civil servants and staff at civil society organisations who were involved in meetings with the Troika during this period.

I am an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Social Policy and Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy.

You can access my research through my Publications page, where I provide links to Open Access versions of my papers. You can also find out more about my work on my Cardiff University page or my Google Scholar profile page, or by contacting me.


Recent news:


I am delighted to be able to announce that from Jan 2017, I will become co-editor of the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice (with Dr Gill Main, Leeds).


I was recently awarded an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account award under the Global Challenges Research Fund programme (with Dr Marco Pomati, Cardiff). As part of this award, I will be hosting visitors from the Philippines and Vietnam at an event on the measurement of and trends in poverty in those nations, which will be held at Cardiff University, and will be hosting a second event on the same topic in Manila, the Philippines, towards the end of this year.


I am currently participating with colleagues at the Universities of Bath and Bristol on a project entitled ‘New Paradigms of Social Protection’, which seeks to examine social protection in regions of the world that are often left underexplored in academic research: the Middle East and North Africa, East and South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. This collaboration is being led by Dr Rana Jawad (University of Bath). More information about this project can be found here.


I was recently awarded the Intersentia/EJSS Best Paper Prize for the best paper presented at the 2015 Foundation for International Studies on Social Security conference. The paper, ‘The coupling of disadvantages: material poverty and multiple deprivation in Europe before and after the Great Recession’, is due to published in the European Journal of Social Security in early 2016. You can read more about the award here or access the paper here. A short summary of the key findings was published by The Conversation.